AYTHIS was founded in early 2006 by Carline Van Roos, who is also member of the doom metal bands LETHIAN DREAMS and REMEMBRANCE.

The music of AYTHIS is rather difficult to describe for it is filled with many different influences.
The style can be related to dark ambient, neo classical, funeral soundscapes. AYTHIS funeral harmonies are created by the alchemy between depressive keyboard atmospheres, haunting melodies, ethereal voice and orchestral drums. The lyrics theme explores mostly isolation, silence and death ..

The first songs written were the self- titled ‘Aythis’ and ‘Shallow Blackout’.Then began the recording of "DOPPELGANGER" in August 2006 which ended after an intensive work of 8 months in April 2007.

In July 2007, Aythis signs with the english label Paradigms Recordings which releases Aythis' debut CD in November.

DOPPELGANGER features 8 tracks for a total of 43 minutes.
The album was MASTERED by Maor Appelbaum, who worked as live sound engineer for bands like DEATH IN JUNE, APOPTIGMA-BERZERK etc..

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latest update : 21/05/2007