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24/11/2008 - Press section updated

You can read a new review and an interview for NHC FANZINE

08/10/2008 - Video : Shallow Blackout

You can download the music video "SHALLOW BLACKOUT" on Youtube

02/05/2008 - Second album

Dear friends,
I am currently recording the second Aythis' album!
The mix will start in October. I will give you some details about this forthcoming release soon!

21/12/2007 - review online

Review added in the press section.

12/11/2007 - Doppelgänger is out now

Good news!
The Aythis album, Doppelgänger is out now!

Aythis, neoclassical,ethereal

You can order it via mailorder from Paradigms Recordings

Taken from Paradigms Recordings' news:

AYTHIS "Doppelganger" CD

Melancholic, neo-classical romanticism, dark ambient funeral harmonies and ethereal female voice. An alchemy of baroque soundscapes and haunting melodies played to themes of isolation, solitude and death. An enchanting work from Carline Van Roos of Lethian Dreams and Remembrance. Highly recommended for appreciators of Dead Can Dance, Elend, Arcana and the like. Presented as a limited edition of 750 copies only, in beautiful colour card wallet and hand stamped Paradigms packaging.

05/09/2007 - Paradigms Recordings

Aythis is proud to announce that the debut album entitled Doppelgänger, will be released on the english label
Paradigms Recordings

Expect a release date soon!

09/05/2007 - Masterisation finished

The masterisation of Doppelgänger was made by Maor Appelbaum, sound engineer who has worked with well known bands such as Death In June, Ancient Rites, Apoptigma-Berzerk, Samael and many others. The Aythis' promo CD is now ready to be sent out to labels!

20/04/2007 - Recordings finished

I’m glad to announce that the recordings of Doppelgänger are now finished! The CD will be sent to masterisation in the upcoming days.

11/02/2007 - Doppelganger

Cover artwork and samples are available in the discography section and on Aythis myspace profile

07/02/2007 - Official website

Welcome to the official website of Aythis ! It will be updated soon with more informations about the upcoming release "Doppelganger".
Website and design has been done by Matthieu Sachs


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