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Aythis is beautiful yet haunting classical music from France with deep seeded roots in ambient, gothic and doom soundscapes.
Carline Van Roos of Lethian Dreams and Remembrance is the one and only composer for Aythis. Carline's music takes the listener on a ethereal journey through realms of isolation, silence and death all the while painting a serene and uplifting picture of hope and triumph.

ERIC: What does Aythis mean and how did you come to choose the name for this project?
CARLINE: I wanted the name of this project to sound original, I didn't want any typical English or French word that could be taken by another band later, so I decided to create a name myself. It's as simple as that. People asked me already if it's a name of a French city, or if it means Atheist, but no, not at all. It's only a fantasy word.

ERIC: What was it that inspired you to start Aythis?
CARLINE: There are many reasons that inspired me to start Aythis. I have 2 other bands (Remembrance and Lethian Dreams) which belong to a doom metal genre. I had that feeling that 2 bands weren't enough to express everything I wanted to. In a musical point of view, I don't only listen to metal, so I thought it was somehow natural for me to have a project that wouldn't involve death vocals and heavy guitars. I created Aythis for the same reasons that, sometimes you're in the mood to listen to doom metal, sometimes death metal or other times ethereal music. In my case it's the same for the composition. It depends on my mood, my state of mind. Sometimes I need to create wild or desperate music, other times sadness or ethereal, atmospheric sounds. In a lyrical point of view, I can talk about total different subjects, some again that are more personal and that I wouldn't have wanted to talk about in my bands. Having a project on my own also gives me total freedom in my compositions, which is very important for me. I can work at my own speed, I have no one to wait for, all depends on me.

ERIC: How have the fans of Lethian Dreams and Remembrance received Aythis?
CARLINE: So far I received very good feedback from fans of Lethian Dreams and Remembrance, it's very motivating! Most people seem to discover Aythis directly though, because often they inform me that they discovered Lethian or Remembrance through the links of Aythis.

ERIC: How would you describe your music for someone who may not know about Aythis?
CARLINE: The music of Aythis is very dark, sad, melancholic. The style might be a mix of neo classical, funeral, ambient music... It is somehow difficult for me to describe it! I can also mention the haunting melodies melt with ethereal voices and few martial percussions.

ERIC: How long have you been writing music and what was it that got you started?
CARLINE: Well, I started playing the guitar in 1996 and it's 2 years after that I started to write my own songs. At that time I was playing a mix between rock and metal. Shortly after I wanted to learn other instruments, so I started playing the bass. In 2002 we formed my first band Lethian Dreams so I learned to play the keyboards, so that it gives me more freedom in the process of writing songs. I don't know exactly what got me started in writing music, I think it just came naturally.
I just can't live without music!

ERIC: How did Aythis come to sign with Paradigms Recordings?
CARLINE: When I finished the recordings of Doppelgänger, I sent few promo copies to different labels and Paradigms Recordings was one of the first to answer positive. They said they were about to contact me, so I understood we were on the same wavelength. Paradigms Recordings describe themselves as "unearthly nocturnal esoterica"...I think it corresponds with Aythis quite well!

ERIC: How has Aythis been received in France as well as other parts of the world?
CARLINE: I mostly get "international" feedback from the internet; through my website-email or myspace and so far they're very positive. People write me such nice and supportive messages!It's such a great feeling when people enjoy your music. I've received a lot of support from french listeners too, so I can say that yes Aythis has been well received so far.
Let's hope it stays this way !

ERIC: What would your favorite Aythis song/songs be thus far?
CARLINE: My favorite songs of Aythis...I'd maybe say Shallow 'Blackout' and 'Aythis', because the process of composing these 2 songs was very intense. It felt like losing control, I was nearly crying when I recorded Shallow Blackout. Though I have one regret about Doppelgänger, it is the sound production which is a little weak.
The second album will have a great production, so maybe one day I'll re-record Doppelgänger with a great sound too!

ERIC: Where do you see Aythis going in the years to come?
CARLINE: I don't really know where Aythis will be in the years to come. As it's underground music, I think it will remain mostly underground, but what is sure is that I'll keep on writing music and make more releases.

ERIC: Where can listeners go to find out more about Aythis and obtaining releases and merchandise?
CARLINE: Listeners can read news about Aythis on my website or here on myspace at - The album Doppelgänger can be ordered directly through my website or via the label Paradigms Recordings .

ERIC: In closing I would like to thank you for granting this interview and taking the time to answer my questions.
Is there anything else you would like to say?
CARLINE: I would like to thank you for the interview! It was a pleasure to answer your questions. Thanks also for your support, I wish the best to you and to your team.

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