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Carline Van Roos who hails from the awe inspiring land of France has single handedly conjured up eight songs of utter bleakness of a mournful soul. Then again some tracks sound almost triumphant and proud in their progression. Being involved in bands such as Lethian Dreams and Remembrance she knows the ropes of shadowy compositions and it shines through in her solo project named Aythis. She handles all vocals, instruments, and even programming duties.

The freshman release from Aythis entitled "Doppelgänger" begins as what would seem like a tragic soundtrack from a dying world or possibly worlds. 'Shallow Blackout' just simply haunts you to the core with her soft and ethereal voice it sounds as if this may be the woman who you hear when you leave this earth to travel to where ever it may be.

My favorite track of "Doppelgänger" would be next 'Innermost Land', it has the same gloomy vibe but it almost sounds like a victorious march of a barbarian going onward to his next battle ground. With an unforgettable voice that never gets lost in the dismal yet beautiful string arrangements.

The self titled track 'Aythis' paints a picture of mass lament and an almost mantra chant formula. The music is soft but progresses at the perfect pace as Carline's voice carries the song up toward the rafters or perhaps below the floorboards into darkness un-navigated.

'Burial Mound' was named perfectly as you can just picture a stark and empty cemetery occupied only by dense fog and maybe a solitary figure in mourning. This music without a doubt is very visual in the mind as it slithers its way along with ghostly grandeur.

'Silver Rope' would make the perfect horror movie backdrop as all of "Doppelgänger" would because unlike much of the mainstream doom/gothic acts this music was arranged with great care and emotion. Lady Van Roos has proved herself to be a mastermind of atmosphere and scorched earth ambiance. Her vocals rain down from what seems like great halls of legend.

'Myriads Of Reason' opens with almost a Spanish styled guitar composition. One could count along with this and maybe assume she was inspired by a waltz of some sort... or at least that is my interpretation. Stellar production keeps this track crisp and clear as if she was playing it in real time right before you. It creeps around in the mind and to try to deny another if not repeated listens is futile and useless... IT'S ALL I'VE LISTENED TO FOR WEEKS NOW!!!

"Ethereal Fire" starts out with a string composition very much akin to that fantastic number "Lux Aterna" from the Kronos Quartet featured in the film "Requiem for a Dream" not a carbon copy (which makes it even better) but the same notes and progression give or take... and you cannot listen to this song only once I dare you to try because it is impossible. The soft.haunting pace and vibe of this song is entrancing and unforgettable.

Rounding out this masterpiece is 'L'echo Des Âmes' which translates to "The Echo Of Souls" but sounds so much better in the French translation. I compare it to being dropped in a pool of water only to find out that there is no water below the initial surface... only a shallow void. With a somewhat unsettling music box like melody you feel as if a shadow could grab your soul at any moment.

I look for big things on the horizon for everything Carline Van Roos touches. A one woman symphony of the bleak visions we all peer upon from time to time. I challenge any listener to grab an mp3 player put any song from this release on and go out at dark and take a walk... if your not moved in some fashion or another... congrats your soul has failed you.

Reviewed by: Jeff Mills --Reviewed for: NHC FANZINE

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