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A special thank you to Ivette for the english translation .

Aythis is the personal project of Carline Van Roos, also part of other doom projects like Lethian Dreams and Remembrance. Doppelgänger is her first album, published in November of 2006 with the English label Paradigm Recordings. In it, she has secretly established a great similarity to dark ambient and medieval movements. She tells us her lyrics explore solitude, silence and death; and for it she cleverly conjures depressive atmosphres, captivating melodies and her ethereal voices, characteristic of her writing.

A Doppelgänger is the ghostly double of a living person and if it reveals itself to its living half, it announces the coming of death. It is also associated with an extreme vision of oneself, suspended in doubt; one in which makes possible the reflection of one own's existence.

The label compares her music with Dead Can Dance, Elend and Arcana; and we'd compare it to All My Faith Lost (in sentiment and tonality of the voice) and Dargaard (in the epic tragedies). A jewel difficult to explain in words and crafted by a careful hand, the album was limited to 750 copies.

On our part, we intend to honor this album with this article, with the elaboration of Análisis Eugenésico and the opening of the first emission of Historiejas.

Since it's beginning we assist the opening of Shallow Blackout with it's percussions announcing the defeat; we will give ourselves to the eloquent and moving voices excellently sown together with choruses that appear and disappear. Innermost Land and Aythis show the works of grave melodies without falling one moment in the grandiloquence despite the concept of a heart soon to break.

Burial Mound will mark the extensive Silver Rope of abandon and opening, perhaps acceptance, of the sadness without bitterness, accentuating in the careful Myriads of Reason in the growing intensity of the works. Ethereal Fire is simply magnificent, for when we cross to the ambiental L'echo des âmes, there appears an excellent clavichord in the work once having reached it's totality.

Doppelgänger embraces coldy, summons the feeling of solitude but doesn't ruin you; instead it tries understandings and acceptance. It endows the senses and exagerrates the epic of abandonment. It tranquilizes with enchantment and cares. In moments, it encourages and incites to emerge after the listens, although the moment has come...

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